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Eva-Maria Lidl

Foto Eva-Maria Lidl

Eva-Maria Lidl

Since April 2016 I am working for the Arbeitsstelle Hochschuldidaktik at the University of Hohenheim. Apart from the organisation of workshops for the HDZ I also host the Kollegiale Praxisberatung, a moderated peer-counseling format for university teachers.

Before I started working at the University of Hohenheim, I have instructed students in Educational Science, Didactics and Teacher Education for several years. The experiences that I gathered within my own teaching practice gave me the opportunity to reflect and discuss about what one could do differently and better again and again.

In the Didaktikblog I want to build on these thoughts, open up new issues and reframe them within general didactic and philosophy of education.

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Julia Hoen

Foto Julia Hoen

Julia Hoen

I’ve been working at the University of Hohenheim, in the field of tutor training.

I design the trainings, mostly carry them out myself, and counsel tutors individually in their academic teaching. Furthermore, I am trainer for academic teaching at the University of Hohenheim’s HDZ program and moderator for the Kollegiale Praxisberatung, a moderated peer-counseling format for university teachers.

In my work it is important for me  to raise awareness for teaching and learning processes and to give individual advice regarding the personal development of skills and competencies for good teaching practice.

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– At present Julia Hoen stays in Japan. –


Friederike Hoffmann

Foto Friederike Hoffmann

Friederike Hoffmann

Since 2012 I have been working at the Arbeitsstelle Hochschuldidaktik, where I am responsible for Mediendidaktik, covering topics such as teaching with technology and using media appliances to support good teaching practice.

This includes the organization and implementation of training workshops for the lecturers of the University of Hohenheim in media didactics / e-learning and of course counselling academic teachers regarding these issues.

Especially close to my heart is mobile learning, supported by the Hohenheimer Lernorte technology. This is a tool that invites people to design creative teaching and relocate learning processes to where the knowledge is relevant.

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Julia Gerstenberg

Foto Julia Gerstenberg

Julia Gerstenberg

Since 2011, I’ve been responsible for coordinating the Hohenheim project „Humboldt reloaded“ within the framework of the Qualitätspakt Lehre funding line. Research-based learning is the main theme of my didactic work. Together with the academic staff in Humboldt reloaded I develop methods for implementing research-based learning.

On request I counsel the development of students‘ research projects, I offer information materials on teaching and learning methods, supervision and collegial consultation in small groups.

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– At present on parental leave. –


Andreas Glombitza-Cevey

Foto Andreas Glombitza-Cevey

Andreas Glombitza-Cevey

I am responsible for the LEAP project, a three-year state-funded project started in 2014. LEAP („Lehrentwicklung – Angebote für Professorinnen und Professoren“) is a bilateral cooperative effort carried out by the universities Hohenheim and Tübingen on behalf of the state-wide network for university didactics Baden-Württemberg (HDZ). The goal of LEAP is to develop and implement a Baden-Württemberg-wide didactic support programme for professors.

My scientific areas of interest are rhetoric and pragmatics, particularly in connection with the use of English as a lingua franca.

In my contributions for the Didaktikblog, I try to focus on topics with special relevance for university professors.

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Rosario Pires

Foto Rosario Pires

Rosario Pires

Within the framework of the „HALLO – Alternative Lehr- und Lernkonzepte in der Orientierungsphase“ (Hohenheim alternative teaching and learning concepts in the orientation phase) I take care of the introductory experience for beginning students in Hohenheim, for example by implementing the new Forschungsschnupperwoche (research taster week) for freshmen.

My goal is the empowerment of a  heterogeneous student body for managing their own educational career. I also support lecturers in implementing a competency- and motivation-oriented constructivistic andragogy.

Regarding the didactics blog my task is especially technical maintenance.

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